Lettings - Spaces Available for Hire

Lettings - Spaces Available for Hire

Kingsdown has a number of rooms that are available for hire Monday to Saturday.  These include the Church, the Church foyer and upper foyer room, the Church hall with stage and several other rooms. Tables, chairs, disabled toilet and kitchen facilities are available.  Currently the wheelchair lift to the Upper Floor of the Hall is out of order. 

The Church and all the rooms are not available for outside bookings on Sundays.

The sale, dispensing or consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any time anywhere on Methodist Church premises.

The Rooms available are shown in a Brochure - CLICK HERE - to view pictures and descripotions of the Rooms OR If you would like a Brochure mailed to you then complete the Tick Box at the bottom of the Lettings Enquiry Form OR you can download a PDF Copy by clicking HERE

If you are interested in hiring a space at Kingsdown please complete the Lettings Enquiry Form which will give the Lettings Manager essential information about your requirements. 

The Lettings Manager will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you have a regular booking then information about your group can be included in the Calendar on the front page of the Website and a linked page provided for your own information. 

Further information about this from - KingsdownWebmaster@questa.co.uk

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